The banal…

I eat carbs and red meat. I drink. I exercise only sporadically. I am, therefore, fat, but happy. (One should never trust a person who has no vices, by the way.)

I often scare children. Not a big fan of ‘em. Methinks they sense that.

I drive too fast.

I’m a TV snub.

I’m a liberal. <gasp!>

I love dogs. I strive every day to be as good a person as my dogs think I am.

I’m desperately clinging to my ever-waning youth; however, to quote Oscar Wilde:

To get back my youth, I would do anything in the world, except take exercise, get up early, or be respectable.

The basics…

47 years old

Hispanic/Jordanian mutt

Married to Liz, my best friend

Two great kids (young men, now)

Two dogs, two cats

Currently living in Tega Cay, SC

Enjoying one of Cuba’s finest…